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Curriculum Key Stage

Your child is going to fall in love with learning. We care about the teaching method and we want your child to be immersed in learning.
  • UUMIS uses the Cambridge Curriculum for Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Lower Secondary.
    UUMIS is certificated to offer International General Certificate Secondary Education, Cambridge Primary School, and Lower Secondary School.
  • Registration with the Private Education-Ministry of Education Malaysia.
    Inquiry Based Learning: Students develop the skills necessary to be inquisitive, to research new areas, and show independence in learning.
  • Cambridge teachers are specially trained to develop a child’s natural curiosity.
    Local UPSR and SPM examination preparation.
    IGCSE Certificate: Besides offering Cambridge Primary Checkpoint, Lower Secondary Checkpoint, we will be able to offer both “O” and “A” level examinations as part of the IGCSE programme, which will also guarantee acceptance into UUM’s foundation programme.